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Raiders Taekwondo Group

2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Friday, July 27, 2012

PA-STF Taekwondo Championships 2012 - Bout list & Reporting Time

All Raiders' Warriors who are participating this coming Sunday (29th July 2012) PA-STF Championship, do take note of the information given below.

Venue: Toa Payoh Sports HallFree admission.

Program Time schedule:
10am to 2:30pm --> Poomsae competition

2:30pm to 7pm --> Kyorugi (Sparring) competition

Referee Reporting Time:
Poomsae referee: 9:15am
Kyorugi referee: 2pm

Players Reporting Time:
Poomsae Players: Kindly Click HERE to check your estimated reporting time. Report in your Full Dobok - Clean and neat.  

Kyorugi Players: All are expected to report at 2pm, and bring along all your sparring protection gears. Click HERE to refer to your Bout list.

# Except for those Default Gold medalists, you need not bring your gears. Please be at the sports hall by 5pm in your full Dobok for Medal presentation. 

Medal Presentation:
Poomsae -- Medal presentation for Top four places [ 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placing]. Medal presentation will be presented immediately after they had performed with final result announced.

Kyorugi -- Medal presentation will only be present at the end of the whole event [estimated 6pm--7pm]

Players and Supporters are most welcome to the sports hall to give your utmost cheer and watch the tournament. If you have, do wear your Raiders Orange Club-Tee. You may come early to watch the poomsae and Kyorugi events.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Raiders’ Leaders Workshop 2012

Do note that, 28th July will be Raiders’ Leaders Workshop which starts from 4.30pm to 7pm at Jelutung CC.

Selected leaders are compulsory to attend unless special reasons are given.

Below is the list of selected leaders.

1. Chee Kit Ying
2. Catherine Seah
3. Jansen Kwok
4. Ronnie Teo
5. Victor Teo
6. Edwin Quek
7. Ang Leng Kee
8. Michelle Lee
9. Benny Teo
10. Au Zhi Kuan
11. Liu Bao Xia
12. Benroy Choy
13. Chee Jia Heng
14. Alger Ang
15. Andy Tan
16. Au Zhi Yu
17. Chee Jia Le
18. LucasYeo
19. Ethan Yeo
20. Jaden Lim
21. Eileen Laow
22. Clare Cheng
23. Joseph Kau

Wear Full Dobok for this workshop. Don't need to bring your guards. Just bring along your writing materials.

Grading Break Week for July 2012

Herewith provide the information on Grading Break week after the Grading day on(22nd July) for all classes. Kindly refer to the information shown below:

Details on Grading Break dates:

SBW zone "K" RC: grading break on 25th July 2012, will resume on 1st August 2012

Garden @ bishan: grading break on 27th July 2012, will resume on 3rd August 2012

Jelutung CC:
(1) no lesson on 28th July 2012 due to the upcoming PA-STF Tournament held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall and
(2) grading break on 4th August 2012, thus no lesson on this day.
will resume lesson on 11th August 2012.

Rivervale CC: 
(1) no lesson on 29th July 2012 due to the upcoming PA-STF Tournament held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall and
(2) grading break on 5th August 2012, thus no lesson on these two days.
will resume lesson on 12th August 2012.

Katong CC:
As Katong class trainees are not participating for this Grading, therefore the class will continue as usual.