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Raiders Taekwondo Group

2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Grading Information

The next 134th centralised Grading:

Venue: Toa Payoh Sports Hall

3rd Oct 09 (Sat): Senior Brown 1 & above
- Only Amanda Ang & Angela Ang will be going for their Senior Brown to Black Belt 1st Dan.

4th Oct 09 (Sun): All grades except Senior Brown 1 & above

Meeting Time for each Class who are taking the Bus to Toa Payoh Sport Hall:

Meeting Time
Sembawang Zone 'K' RC 9:00am
Jelutung CC 9:15am
Rivervale CC 9:00am
Katong CC 9:20am

Students, who are not taking the transport and wish to go to the Sports Hall on their own, please assemble at the Main Entrance of the Sports Hall by 10.00am sharp.

Attire to Wear: Club Tee Shirt & Gi Pant
Attire to Bring: Gi Top, Belt, Guards (for Green Belt and above only) & Water Bottle

- Take note to all Students who are going for Grading, it is your responsibility to ensure that you had packed and bring along your Attire on the that important day. If you forgotten to bring your Belt or Gi Top, you may not allowed to take the Grading. Common reason given by those who forgotten to bring - "... because My Dad/Mum/maid never bring...". This is not a good reason, it is you who are taking the test and you must check and ensure before coming out from your house. I believe our Raiders' students can do it and wish you All the Best for the Grading... :)

No Parking at Toa Payoh Sports Hall

Parents who will be driving there, pls take note...

Announcement from STF:

We regret to announce that there will no parking available at the Toa Payoh Sports Hall on Sunday 4 October 2009, the date of the centralized grading.
The Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) was informed on Wednesday 23 September 2009 that the car park would be closed for those involved in the Healthy Lifestyle event at the adjacent stadium and also for security reasons.

All club leaders, coaches and parents of candidates are advised to use public transport. If driving is necessary, please park at the nearby HDB car parks.

In view of the expected large crowd on that day, car park space may not be easily available. All those who will be driving may wish to give themselves enough time so that they or the candidates will not be late for the grading.

We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in the matter.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A note from Mdm

Special thanks to all players who had participated in the 36th National Pesta Sukan TKD Championship 2009. All players have tried their very best to clinch medals for Raiders. Your effort and hard work are appreciated and we share your joy when you are up there receiving your glories.

To those who did not make it to the semifinals, do not despair. A champion does not come by so easily. There are multiple hardworks, multiple trainings, multiple injuries, multiple defeats etc. You may see their glories today, but they were also once like you; sitting there envying the champions. So to those who are defeated, don't be discourage. Pluck up your determination!! Strive to train harder and come back stronger the next round you see them in the ring.

To those who feel that you can do better and yet you did not manage to do so, don't be disappointed too. I am looking forward to your desire in training hard and constantly improving yourself. Your effort will definitely pays well!! Simply because you will DESERVE it!!

Set a target, work towards your goal, achieve it and say hi to your GOLD medal next year!

There will be an invitational tournament next year in March during the one week school holiday. All qualified players will be receiving scheduled and planned trainings from now on. Only selected players will be representing Raiders for this tournament. This shall be our target. Let us all set our target and moves towards our goal. 6 months from now till March'2010, we shall see a different Raiders. Can my warriors do that?? :)

On a final note, I would like to see more leadership and improvements among my seniors. This is my target for all my seniors. Be a model to our young warriors. They are all looking upon you as their visual learning guides. They need your influences to mould them into a better and promising fighters. Can my seniors do that?? :)

Last but not least, special thanks to my Raiders' Referees as well. Jansen Kwok, Catherine Seah and Chee Kit Ying have contributed their referees' roles in the championship. Their long hours of referees job during the 2 weekends do deserve our thanksgiving. On behalf of our club, thank you guys for your hard work and committment. The stress level and tension which you are facing is deeply felt by me. I fully understand as I was once like you guys before. I hope that the process will mould you guys to be a better referee in times to come! Thank you to Polo Sir too. His role as a team manager and Chief Coach has enable the smooth operation of our manpower deployment during the championship. And also to our helpers as well. They are Joseph Kau, Ang Leng Kee, Michelle Lee and Celine Tan.

Raiders Sa! Raiders Sa! Raiders Raiders Sa! Sa! SA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Championship - Day-4

Finally, this year Championship had ended today...

Updates: Today's Medals Tally: 3 Golds, 1 Silver & 2 Bronzes
GOLD: Wong Eng Yong (Defending Champ), Ang Leng Kee & Michelle Lee
SILVER: Vashon
BRONZE: Kit Ying & Beth

Total Medals Tally: 10 Golds, 3 Silver & 6 Bronzes

In Additional, three of our Kyorugi Referee had been promoted today from Class 3P to Class 3. Namely, Polo, Jansen & Catherine.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Championship - Day-3

Updates: Today's Medals Tally: 4 Golds, 1 Silver & 2 Bronzes

Rachael Lum (GOLD), Patricia Ann N. Navarro (GOLD), Michelle Goana (GOLD), Eric Daniel Manik (GOLD)
Gabriel Tay (SILVER)
Mohammad Mirza (BRONZE) & Dominic Goana (BRONZE)

Total Medals Tally: 7 Golds, 2 Silver & 4 Bronzes

New Photos had uploaded.. Feel free to browse thru.. :)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grading Preparation Workshop by STF

Raiders, those who will be going for the next coming Grading to attain his/her Black/poom belt, the next Grading preparation workshop is ready for registration.
We strongly encourage you to attend this workshop.

Pls take note, the location of the workshop is at Bukit Merah CC on 13th September.

Interested students, pls contact Mdm asap.