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Raiders Taekwondo Group

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Grading Day Group photo taking

All Raiders who will be going for Jan 09 Grading, please do stay back after the grading. We intend to take a group photo taking. This is our 1st time to have group photo at Grading place with all classes students gathered one place. This time round, Raider TKD will have over 140 students taking the Grading test.

Jan09 Grading still remain @ TPY

Please take note that the Jan Grading still remain at Toa Payoh sport hall. Fot those going by own transport, please take note and inform your parents.

annoncement from STF:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tournaments: Head-Kicks Approved

Tournament competition rule had reverted - With effect from next year 2009 onward, for those juniors (14 to 17 years old) category, they are allow to kicks to the head to score points.

News exacted from Official STF website:

Next Grading in Jan 2009 - change of location


Please take note the next upcoming Grading's location had changed to Jurong East Sports Hall, no longer using Toa payoh sporthall till further notice.

131st Centralized Grading

Saturday 03 Jan 09 2.00PM –6.00PM (Senior Brown 1 & above)

Sunday 04 Jan 09 9.00AM –6.00PM (All grades except Senior Brown 1 & above)

For more detail, you may refer to STF official website:

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dec Year-End Exchange Program with Team Spectrum - Malaysia KL Trip

There is a oversea exchange program on this coming Dec 08 - 16th till 19th Dec. This exchange program is organised by Team Spectrum TKD and had invited Raiders TKD to join them.

Details on the program:
- Cost per person: S$240 (include Transportation & Lodging only). Daily meals are settle by ownself
- Interested student that below 12 yr old, are to be accompany by parent
- leaving on 16th Dec morning by Coach from Singapore
- 16th Dec, reach KL and check-in YMCA. 1st training session with Eddie's KL class, 7pm--9pm.
- 17th Dec: To attend the AUG -- Asian University Games (TaekwonDo) @ Nilai Islam University. Whole day event and back to KL in evening time.
- 18th Dec: Back to AUG again for Day-2. Leaving Nilai around 4-5pm and back to KL. Prepare for 2nd session TKD training @ Eddie's Class (7pm--9pm).
- 19th Dec: Leaving KL (after breakfast or Lunch, to be confirm) and back to Singapore.

=> Interested students, pls contact your Mdm & Sir asap... limited allocation.

Farewell to one of our Raiders - Zhang Yu Bing

Yu Bin last training was tonight (29th Oct 08). He is going back to China on Tomorrow night and for good.
He had join Raiders TKD in begining of of this year 2008 as a new beginner, he had performed very well - he went for three Grading this year and obtained two time DOUBLE promotion - Currently a Green belt with Blue tip.
We'll give our BEST Wishes to Yu Bin. :)

Official Oct 08 Grading Result had released

All Raiders,

The official Oct Grading Result is out!!! Check it out... :)

This time round we have another two Double promotion:
Zhang Yu Bin, from Wed Class @ Sembawang Zone 'K' RC
Ang Leng Kee, from Thur Class @ Katong CC

And Raiders had another four new Junior BlackBelters:
- Ryan Khong, from Katong CC
- Lee Jia Hao, from Rivervale CC
- Lee Kia Kiat, from Rivervale CC
- Lim You Jie, from Sembawang Zone "K" RC

Also to All who had passed!! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

No Class on next Wednesday 1st Oct 08

There is no class on next week wednesday 1st Oct 08. Those going for next Sunday Grading 05th Oct 08, pls practics your pattern.

Wish you all a Happy Hari Raya Puasa and enjoy your holiday break. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

35th National Championship 2008 - Result

Raiders warriors had done well in this National Championship 2008...  We had obtained 3 GOLDs, 6 SILVERS and 11 BRONZE. 

All Raiders Warriors who had participated this tournament, whether you win or not, as long you gave your BEST performance and learn something - YOU are a winner!!! 

Let continue to polish our skill and do better for next year. 


Below is the list of Raiders medalists:-

Name Awards
Ryan Khong Wei Yang Bronze
Muhammad Mirza Bin Razak Silver
Darren Phang Zhao Ying Bronze
Benroy Sajeev Choy Bronze
Eric Daniel Manik Bronze
Cherine Looi Bronze
Rachael Lum Zheng Yi Bronze
Chermaine Looi Shi Rui Bronze
Cheng GeYu Bronze
Prisha D/O Kumana Rajan Silver
Michelle Goana Silver
Angela Ang Bronze
Benny Teo Guo Zhi Gold
Jansen Kwok Shu Hao Silver
Tan Wei Chang Bronze
Koh Poh Ling Gold
Chee Kit Ying Silver
Mohammad Khairunnizham Silver
Polo Teo Bronze
Wong Eng Yong Gold

Saturday, August 16, 2008

35th National Pesta Sukan TKD Championship 2008

Here are the info:

Young Junior & Junior Category:
SAT 16 Aug08: 1:30pm -- 8pm (est to end early @ 6pm)
SUN 17 Aug08: 9:30am -- 8pm (est to end early @ 4pm)

Junior & Senior Category:
SAT 30 Aug08: 1:30pm -- 9:30pm
SUN 31 Aug08: 9:30am -- 9:30pm

Calling ALL RAIDERS!!! Do come down and cheer for for all your fellow Raiders' fighters!!!
And also give your loudest cheer to your Polo Sir, Baoling Mdm & EngYong Sir on 31st Aug (SUN) who will be competing too...

Venue: Yishun Sports Hall (Free admission)

It will be GREAT if you come with your newly designed Raiders Tournament Fighter T-Shirt (Orange). If you wish to buy this T-Shirt, you may look for Baoling Mdm.

PA-STF Championship 2008 - Achievement

Sorry for the delayed update... Here is the recent achievement on last tournamnet.

Our Raiders Fighters had done well!!

We had obtained a total of 6 Medals:
1 GOLD Medal - Benny Teo
1 Sliver Medal - Kit Ying (Black)
4 Bronze Medals - Baoling Mdm (Black), Vashon, Gabriel, Chermaine

The Raiders fighters who didn't manage to get any medals, don't be give-up!!! As long you give your BEST, you are a WINNER. We take it as a process of gaining our experience, we'll train even more harder. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

35th National TaekwonDo championship 2008 bout list

Hey Raiders Fighters!!! The 35th National TaekwonDo Championship 2008 - bout list is out... Eager to know your fixtures? Then check it out here :

Mentally & physically prepare yourself for your fight... RISE of the RAIDERS!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 08 Grading Result uploaded

Yo Raiders,
The Grading Result had uploaded to Raiders' Website & Blog. Check it out.

Sorry for the delay. :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

PA-STF Championship Bout list is out!!!

The 2nd PA-STF Championship is scheduled on Saturday 12 July and Sunday 13 July 2008. Raiders fighters who be participating, be prepare mentally & physically, and perform your very best.

Do watch out for your Baoling Mdm, cos... She participating this year!!! Chong Chu Jiang Hu!!! Come watch her in action on Sat (Correction: not 1st few Bout, her bout is 75)

Come down and cheer for for all Raiders' fighters!!!
Venue: Yishun Sports Hall (Free admission)

Click below URL for more info the program bout list:

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Donations for Tan Ching Teck

Tan Ching Teck, a senior taekwondo member, examiner and instructor, met with a serious road accident more than a week ago. He has been fighting for his life since his admission to the Intensive Care Unit of the Singapore General Hospital.
The fateful and unfortunate event has taken a heavy toll, emotionally and financially, on his family. Ching Teck’s only son, Tan Kheng Juan, who is also a taekwondo member and instructor, is finding the situation overwhelming. He is trying very hard to be strong for the family.
During this challenging time for Ching Teck and his family, we would like to appeal to all members of the taekwondo fraternity to rally round to help them.

News from STF:

If you want to contribute your donation, you may approach Poh Ling Mdm & Polo sir.

Latest update: His both legs had been amputated, and his condition still not out of danger.
Updates: Regret to inform that on 1st July 2008 morning, Mr. Tan Ching Teck had passed away.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Camp Photo Uploaded!!!

The Holiday Training Camp had successfully conducted... Believe all had enjoyed the 3 days, learnt some valuable knowledge, skills & get to know more friends... ;)

To view the photos... click this URL:

We looking forward to organise more of this kind events in future.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

YouTube Video - Taekwondo Ultimate Kicking Drills

Yo Raiders, this youtube video shows some exercise to improve your footwork & legs musclues.

Meeting time for trainees attending June Holiday Camp

Trainees involved in the June holiday camp, pls take note of the following.

SBW Zone 'K' RC trainees, bus will arrive at 12.45pm for pick up on 6th June'08. Trainees to assemble at RC centre not later than 12.40pm.

Jelutung CC trainees, bus will arrive at 12.50pm for pick up on 6th June'08. Trainees to assemble at the CC not later than 12.45pm.

A list of checklist for the camp will be distributed. You may also find the checklist at the following URL link.

Pls take note that all trainees are to wear the Camp tee and any pant or short on the meeting day. The camp will end on Sun, 8th June'08. Bus will depart at 6pm to the respective RC and CC.

Pls also note that there will be BBQ on Sat (7th June'08) night. Parents may want to attend the BBQ as well at $5 per head. Parents wanting to attend the BBQ, pls register with Mdm and Sir asap.

Camp Address: Pasir Ris Holiday Camp
97 Elias Rd

Monday, May 19, 2008

Human Weapon - TaeKwonDo

Hi Raiders, this coming Thursday 22nd May 08 9pm-10pm (SIN), History Channel - SCV Ch8, is featuring TaeKwonDo martial art... :)

Sparring YouTube Video to inspire you...

Yo Raiders, as you all know that there will be upcoming tournaments in 2-3 months times... Everyone of you are training hard to excel yourself... Here is the youtube video for you to view... hope it inspire you in your sparring mindset... :)

Newly added link (21st May 08) for your viewing: Taekwondo Training Drill

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Tournament Collar Tee

We have already officially designed and launched our own tournament collar tee. The collar tee will be use for all future tournaments as well as any other events organized by the club.

We strongly encourage all our supporters and parents to purchase the collar tee. This will give us the significance of unity and the sense of belonging to the club as we wear the same tee for all events. It will also boost the morale of our players during tournaments.

Every player will have their names embroidered. Supporters who also wish to have their names embroidered must place their orders now in order to get it manufactured on time.

Each collar tee cost $22 and we hope all players to purchase 2pcs as the events are usually a 2 days event over the weekend.

Orders start now and will end on 11th May'08. Pls register your orders with Mdm or Sir asap!!

128th centralised Grading Results (6Apr'08)

The April'08 grading result is released. We are very proud to achieve 3 Double promotions. 2 of them from our newcomers (White Belt), Mr Zhang Yu Bin (SBW Zone 'K' RC') and Ms Zhang Dan Ling (Katong CC) while the 3rd goes to Ms Rachael Lum (Rivervale CC).

Our students have show great improvement. We had 1 Double during the Jan'08 grading and this time round, we had 3. We are looking for more doubles in every grading. Keep up the good effort!!

Traniees who obtain double promotion will be given free belt and receive belt presentations in front of peers. Sir or Mdm will personally present the belt to the trainees and tie the belt for him / her. So the rest of the members, continue to work hard and achieve the glory.

June Holiday Camp Confirmed!!

The Camp has been confirmed and scheduled on 6June'08 to 9June'08 (Fri to Mon).

All Blue Belt and above trainees are strongly recommended to attend this camp. Selected trainees will be given consent letter for parents' approval. Trainees who are not selected and wish to attend may seek approval from Mdm or Sir.

Lodgings and food will be fully provided. There will be bus to ferry trainees to and fro from training ground to the campsite at Pasir Ris and vice versa.

Camp Tee shirt will be distributed to trainees attending the camp. We will be collecting camp fees from attending trainees. The collected fees will include the camp tee shirt, food, lodging, transport and miscellaneous.

PA-STF Championship

The 2nd PA-STF Championship is scheduled on Saturday 12 July and Sunday 13 July 2008. More details will be released when they are available

35th National Pesta Sukan TKD Championship 2008

The yearly national championship will be held on the following stipulated dates at Yishun Sports Hall:-
(i) Saturday 16 August and Sunday 17 August 2008
(ii)Saturday 30 August and Sunday 31 August 2008

This championship is open to trainees 7years old and above. All brown belt and above trainees will be participating in this championhsip.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Additional requirements for tournament players

In view of the importance of mouth guards in cushioning blows that might otherwise cause broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) has made it compulsory for all contestants to use mouth guards for competitions with immediate effect.The colour of the mouthpiece must be white or transparent. Exemption from the use of the mouthpiece will be granted only if a medical doctor certifies in writing that it may cause harm to the contestant.Members may purchase the mouthpieces through Mdm or Sir.

June 2008 Holiday Training Camp

We are in the midst of planning holiday training camp for our players. We hope all the blue belt and above trainees to participate. It will be a 3days 2 nights camp.Our objective of this camp is to enhance our trainees mindset and have an indept knowledge of TKD. Teamwork, mental skills training as well as learning to be independant are also part of our training program.Venue is yet to finalise. Interested trainees may register with Mdm or Sir asap due to limited seats. The cost of the training camp will be release at a later date when details are more firm up and finalise.Parents who know of any campsite with cheap rent, pls let us know.
(Click here to view more itinerary details)

Our new Image

Raiders has officially launched her very own Club logo and Club Tee. With our very own new image, let us all work together to achieve glory for ourselves and for our club!!Students who have yet to purchase the logo and tee, pls do so with Mdm. It is recommended that all students to put on the logo and tee as a form of identity and ownership.

128th Centralised Grading (6Apr'08)

April'08 grading is confirm on the 6th Apr'08. Timing will be advise at a later stage. However, it will be in the morning. Trainees are required to keep their sun morning free on the grading day. Trainees who have yet to pay the grading fees are advise to do so by Wed, 12Apr'08. All grading fees submitted after 12Apr'08 will be subject to late fees charges of $13.Calling out all Brown belt trainees preparing for the poom belt grading, you are encourage to make a trip to the black / poom belt grading on 5th Apr'08. It starts at 2pm at Toa Payoh Sports Hall. As the black / poom belt grading conducted on sat is different from the usual colour belts grading on sun, you are strongly advise to sit through the apr'08 grading to understand the tedious process and requirements.This will mentally prepare you for your next grading.

Extra training for all selected players. (14yrs old and above)

We are implementing extra intensive training session for all selected players. The purpose of this training is to better prepare our players for the upcoming tournaments in July'08 and August'08. Our objective is also to enhance the bonding among team members.It will be a combine training trial with Zen TKD and Team Spectrum. Respective instructors and players will gather together to enjoy the mass training.Due to space and equipment constraint, we regret that only selected players are invited. All brown belts and selected blue belt trainees are encourage to attend the session regularly.The session will starts on 10Mar'08 from 8pm to 10pm. We will train alternatively at Blk 588B Montreal Drive hard court and Tampines Street 11 Blk 111.However, for the benefit of our students, we shall start off the first session (ie. 10Mar'08) at Montral Dr venue.We look forward to your presence and bonding...