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2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Monday, April 25, 2011

Grading Result for April 2011

The Grading result for last April had released today, Our Raiders had attained 95.7% passes with 3 Double promotion. Congratulation!!! 

Double promotion: Tan Ke Yang (Jelutung), Serence Teo (Katong) and Ivan Chng (Rivervale) 

New Poom Belt: Fok Goon Teng, Marilyn Goh, Derrick Phang, Keith Png, Cody Tong, Ryan Wan, Benjamin Wong and Ravipudi Abhijeet.

All Raiders, do continue to train hard to further enhance your skill level in Poomsae and Kyorugi. "Winners and Champions are not born, they are made"

Click Here for the Grading Result

Monday, April 18, 2011

Notice for Jelutung CC: Training Class cancelled on 23rd April (Sat)

To all Jelutung CC Parents and Trainees, a gentle reminder - No training class for this coming Saturday (23rd April) as CC office had informed us that the Hall is not available on that day.

Training will resume on 30th April Saturday. 

Sorry if there is any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our achievements for inter primary school Taekwondo championship 2011

Raiders have sent 10 Kyorugi players representing their own primary schools for the event. We have obtained 5 GOLD medals, 1 SILVER and an OVERALL 2ND in the senior male Kyorugi trophy. We have managed to clinch 2 bronzes (3rd position) in the Poomsae event too. Those participated and did not get any medals, do not be discouraged. You are still a winner by clocking the tournament experience. 

Below are our players' achievements.

1) Lim You Jie (Wellington Primary School) - Team captain (Kyorugi) • Gold in Senior Male Poom belt, under 38Kg

2) Chan Jun Yin (Wellington Primary School) • Gold in Senior Male Poom belt, under 46Kg

3) Muhd Hafeez Bin Ramdan (Wellington Primary School) • Gold in Senior Male Red belt, under 30Kg

4) Fok Goon Teng (Wellington Primary School) • Gold in Senior Male Red belt, under 46Kg

5) Keith Tan Yu Qi (Endeavour Primary School) • Gold in Junior Male Red belt, under 32Kg

6) Tan Yu Jie (Endeavour Primary School) • Silver in Junior Male Red belt, under 24Kg

7) Jacinda Koh (Wellington Primary School) • 3rd (Bronze) in Senior Female White belt Poomsae

8) Marilyn Goh Hui Ting (Raffles Girl's Primary) • 3rd (Bronze) in Junior Female Red belt Poomsae

Congratulations to the above medalists. You have done proud to yourself and brings glory to your school.

Double congratulations to Wellington Primary School for obtaining the overall 2nd in the Senior Male Kyorugi. Their 5 senior male players have done their school proud by clinching the 4 precious Golds. Congratulations Wellington Primary! Next year we shall be back for fiercer records!

Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip hurray!

Hip hip hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Click below to view photos taken from Kyorugi sparring...


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wellington Primary Bus Schedule for inter sch TKD championship 2011

To all Raiders from Wellington Pr school.
There will be school bus provided for Wellington Primary School trainees. Hence, Wellington Primary trainees please take note of the bus pick up details:-
11/04 (Mon): 10.30am to 6pm
- report in school canteen at 9.50am for breakfast and bus will leave Toa Payoh Sports Hall by 6pm or earlier depending on the day's schedule.

12/04 (Tue): 8.30am to 6pm
- report in school canteen at 8am for breakfast and bus will leave Toa Payoh Sports Hall by 6pm.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Delay on April 2011 Grading Result

Please be informed that the release of April's Grading result will be delayed. Grading result will be ready from 25th April 2011 onward.

For those eagerly want to know your Grading result... gonna wait a little bit longer...  :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two more new qualified Kyorugi Referee from Raiders

Congratulation to Mdm Ang Leng Kee and Mdm Michelle Shannon Lee who had recently obtained their National Kyorugi Referee Class 3P Certification. Both of them are our Raiders' newly qualified Kyorugi Referees.  :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

STF's Update: Grading Matters

Extracted from STF official Website URL:

Coaches are reminded to ensure that
- their students do not change in public,
- their female students, regardless of age, wear white round-neck t-shirts inside their dobok (sports bra instead of the t-shirt is not acceptable) and
- their students do not engage in contact sparring.

Club leaders or coaches will be called up for a discussion with the Disciplinary Committee if their students are caught changing in public.

Examiners will fail female candidates who fail to observe the uniform requirement.  White round-neck t-shirt is part of the uniform for female participants regardless of age.

Any candidate who knocks out his opponent will fail his grading.  As full protective gear is not worn during grading, only light contact sparring is allowed.

The co-operation of Club leaders and coaches are sought to make sure that the candidates observe all the grading rules.

Inter-School Championship - Guidelines

Involved Players (Kyorugi/Poomsae) for this Inter-School championship are encouraged to read through the attached guidelines.

Click HERE

Monday, April 4, 2011

Amendment: Extra Training on Wed (6th April) for Inter-School

Take Note of the Extra Training date Typo error. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

To all those Raiders' young warriors who are taking part in the upcoming National Inter-School Championship, please be informed that there will be extra training on 6th Apr (Wed) 8pm (Not 13th Apr) at Blk 588B Montreal Drive (sembawang) Multi-purpose void deck.

Training will start from 8pm till 9:30pm and conducted by Polo Sir. You may come early before 8pm and do your own revision for your poomsae and warm-up exercise.

All participants of this Inter-Sch championship are strongly encouraged to come for this specially arranged  training. We will go through the rules and regulation of the games via practical practice.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Inter-School Information on bout fixture and Reporting time

Herewith  attached is the URL link for the information on Raiders' Players' Bout fixtures and their Reporting Time. The competition will take place at Toa Payoh sport Hall (9am -- 6pm) from 11th Apr to 15th Apr.

Click HERE for Players' Bout fixtures and Reporting time under the "Tournaments Info".

There are some rules for this competition, Mdm will compile and will be posted it up by tomorrow night. Players please stay-tune and check it out.

Grading Break Week Apr 2011

Please take note that after the Grading on 3rd April 2011, as usual, there will be one week break with no training from 4th Apr till 10th April. Take a short break after the Grading's stress, get charge and look forward for more trainings.

Training class will resume from 11th Apr onward.