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Raiders Taekwondo Group

2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Please be informed, there will be no TaeKwondo lesson from 1st Feb to 17th Feb 2011 being the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year’2011.

Details on CNY Break dates:
Jelutung CC:    No Class on following dates 05/02/11 and 12/02/11 , will resume on 19th Feb 2011  

Rivervale CC:  No Class on following dates 06/02/11 and 13/02/11 , will resume on 20th Feb 2011

Katong CC:      No Class on following dates 03/02/11, 10/02/11 and 17/02/11 , will resume on 24th Feb 2011

SBW zone "K" RC:  No Class for Whole of Feb 2011, will resume on 2nd Mar 2011
Please take note that all cancelled lessons will not be considered as part of the 12 lessons term. We will fulfill 12 conducted lessons to complete a full term.

On behalf of Raiders TaeKwonDo Group, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all parents and students a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

Should you have any queries or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Poh Ling Mdm at Mobile: 93870906.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Demostration Seminar organised by STF

Learn from the Best of the Best - KIM YOUNG SAM. He was the Captain of the renowned Korean Tigers Demonstration Team and the Pro-taekwondo Demonstration Team.

 There is another Demonstration seminar on 9th Feb 2011 (Wed) 7pm at NTC, conducted by Mr. Kim Young Sam. This seminar is open to Black Belt only. Both Sir and Mdm will be attending this seminar. Interested Raiders' Senior Black Belt, please submit you registration form to Mdm by this week (25th Jan -- 30th Jan).  

For more info, you may refer to STF official link.

Raiders' Charity Run – TERRY FOX RUN 2011 (Photos uploaded)

It was a beautiful Sunday morning for Our Raiders' Charity Day - Terry Fox Run 2011. With a group of 58 participants which make up of Parents and Students, they had sacrificed their sweet dream to wake up early in the morning and travel all the way to East Coast park for this meaningful event.

Hope everyone had enjoyed this great day and we'll look forward for more of this kind of activities to come.

On behalf of Raiders TKD Group, we would like to thank all Parents and Students for your supports in this event. Thank You. :)


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Compulsory Use of Groin Guard - By STF

All Students are to wear Groin guard during Sparring session in the training class and also for the Grading day too. This applied to those Black/Poom belt grading helpers.

STF had officially announced that "With effect from April 2011 grading, groin guards will also be compulsory for female candidates."

Above information is extracted from
STF official link.

Poomsae Referee Course Results

Once again, Congratulation to Catherine Seah Mdm, Michelle Lee Mdm and Ang Leng Kee Mdm - three of them had passed and now are the qualified Poomsae Referees.We'll see them in action soon as Poomsae referees/Judges.

Results extracted from STF official link

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


On behalf of Raiders Taekwondo Group, thank you for rendering your support for the charity run. We will be doing the non competitive family oriented 5km run / walk.

Pls find details of the Charity run and as follows:-

Charity Date              : 23rd January 2011 (Sunday)
Charity Day Venue   : Playground @Big Splash. 902 East Coast Parkway.
Estimated Return Time: 10.00am to 10.30am (From East Coast)
Attire to Wear           : Raiders Orange Collar Tee & Short/Bermuda, running shoes.
Things to Bring         : Extra tee shirt (Charity Run Tee) & Water Bottle

Meeting time and pick-up point for those taking Transport:

Sembawang RC:       6:45am at SBW Zone ‘K’ RC Centre
Jelutung CC:            6:45am at The Jelutung CC

The Garden:             7:00am, outside Guard House, Main Gate

Rivervale CC:          7:00am at Rivervale CC, Blk 193
Katong CC:              7:20am at Katong CC

Parents and trainees, who are not taking our transport and wish to go to the Big Splash on their own, please assemble at the Big Splash by 7.45am sharp.

Should you have any queries or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact Poh Ling Mdm  at Mobile: 9387 0906.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Grading Break Week for Jan 2011

Herewith provide the information on Grading Break week after the Grading day on this Sunday (16th Jan) for all classes. Kindly refer to the information shown below:

Details on Grading Break dates:
SBW zone "K" RC: grading break on 19th Jan 2011, will resume on 26th Jan 2011
Katong CC:              grading break on 20th Jan 2011, will resume on 27th Jan 2011
Jelutung CC:            grading break on 22nd Jan 2011, will resume on 29th Jan 2011
Rivervale CC:         grading break on 23rd Jan 2011, will resume on 30th Jan 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poomsae Coach Course - Two more Senior Black Passed

Congratulation to both Michelle Lee Mdm and Ang Leng Kee Mdm who had passed the recent Poomsae Coach course - qualified Poomsae Coach.

They will be also attending this coming weekend Poomsae Referee course. Wish them all the Best!! JIA YOU!!  :)