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2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Thursday, August 16, 2012

39th National Taekwondo Kyorugi Championships

The 39th National Taekwondo Kyorugi Championships information had been posted in STF's website and will be held over 2 weekends on 22, 23, 29 & 30 September 2012 at Yishun Sports Hall.

Official STF's Website link:

All Raiders fighters had already been informed by Mdm and the training had started...

Training once a week is not enough to make you a ultimate champion. Regular self conditioning training is still needed -- running, swimming, push-ups, sit-up, leg raise exercise, climbing up stair, speed kicking, foot-work, well-balanced nutrition diet and mental preparation, etc.

”Champions are made, not born.” -Vince Lombardi

Patrick Cohn, a sports psychologist, suggests that there are four mental and emotional characteristics common to champion athletes. 
Cohn’s characteristics are: 
  • Competitiveness: “This is someone who loves the heat of battle,” Cohn says. “They’re motivated by testing their skills against the next person. Obviously, they love to win and hate to lose. You need that. People might think, ‘Well, isn’t everyone competitive?’ The answer is ‘no.’ The really competitive person digs deeper than the next guy.” 
  • Confidence: “Self-confidence is probably the No. 1 mental skill that championship athletes possess,” Cohn says. ”Simply put, it is their belief in their ability to perform. They see themselves as winners. They think, act and behave in very confident ways, sometimes to the point it can turn people off.”
  • Composure: “This one has a couple of connotations,” Cohn says. “The first is: Can you keep it together under pressure at crunchtime? It’s the last minute of the game, and you’re trailing by three: It’s how well you can stay under control emotionally and can perform when you need to.  ”The other component is how well you deal with mistakes. Can you stay composed and forget about them? Or do you get upset and frustrated and thrown off your game? Athletes who are composed don’t get rattled and compound one mistake into many.”
  • Focus: “The idea is to give focus and attention to what’s most important — and, when you do get distracted, to refocus quickly,” Cohn says. “This is the key component to success in sports such as gymnastics and diving, but it’s important in all sports.”

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grading result for last July is out!!!

Congratulations to all our Raiders trainees who went for the recent 145th Centralized Grading sanctioned by Singapore Taekwondo Federation. We are happy to announce that we had achieved 97.9% passes with 1 white belt, Kang Kiat Meng clinching the double promotion glory. Our Team comprising of 143 members sat for the 145th Centralized Grading and they have done us proud with their remarkable result.

We would also like to special congratulates our 4 parents from the Parents Group for achieving their 1st Dan Black Belt. They are 1) Alan Lim 2) Jessie Lim 3) Tommy Choy and 4) Ho Kah Pin. To those who failed, do not despair. Higher Dan grading is not an easy task. It requires years of experience and hard work as well.

Click Here for the Grading Result.

Below are some photos taken during last July Grading. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PA-STF Championship 2012 - Results

Here is the results of our Raiders Warriors had achieved:

Poomsae (Individual):

Dylan Lim: 1st position (Gold)
Sholan Sivakumar: 1st position (Gold)

Joel Tan: 2nd position (Silver)

Wong ShaoEn: 4th position (Bronze)
Jerome Quek: 3rd position (Bronze)
Goh WeiAn: 4th position (Bronze)
Claudia Yap: 4th position (Bronze)

Poomsae (Family):

Alan Lim and YouJie: 1st position (Gold)
Tommy Choy and Benroy: 2nd position (Silver)
Michael Loaw and Eileen: 4th position (Bronze)

Kyorugi: (Sparring)

Gold Medalists:
Lim YouJie
Gonzales Cid Jamiel Garcia
Afef Uddyn B Hamidon
Nicholas Chan (D)
Marilyn Goh (D)
Jerome Goh Zhi Sheng (D)
Kishore Sudesh (D)
Livia Lim Hwee Juan (D)
Tan YiEn (D)
Kenneth Yeo (D)
Tommy Choy (D)

Silver Medalists:
Andy Tan Cheng Hueng
Chee Kit Ying

Bronze Medalists:
Clare Cheng
Shawn Tan Su Kiat

With Above medal tally, we had also attained Overall 3rd Runner-Up placing for Jelutung CC.