Raiders Taekwondo Group

Raiders Taekwondo Group

2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Katong CC Class resume in July 2012

Attention to All Parents and Trainees of Katong CC Class, we had been informed that the renovation work is having some delay. Therefore our Taekwondo training class will be able to resume on the 1st week of July 2012 (5th July). 

Will keep you all posted if there is any changes. 

Thank You for your understanding. :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April 2012 Grading Result!!!

April 2012 Grading Result had released!!!


Raiders had achieved 96% passed
- 3 colour belt trainees obtained double promotion: Kingsley, YiShu and Claire
- 5 new Poom belts: Alger, Wayne, Isaac, Patrick, XuanZhi
- Promoted to Poom-2: Eileen Laow (SBW RC)
- Promoted to Senior Black Dan-1: Shiv (Katong Class)

Click HERE for Colour and Poom Belt result...

Check it out and celebrate.

Be prepare for next Grading in coming July 2012.

See You All in Class...