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Raiders Taekwondo Group

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Grading Break Week for Jan 2012 & CNY Break

Herewith provide the information on Grading Break week after the Grading day on(15th Jan) for all classes. Kindly refer to the information shown below:

Details on Grading Break dates:
SBW zone "K" RC: grading break on 18th Jan 2012, follow with CNY break, will resume on 8th Feb 2012.
Katong CC:              grading break on 19th Jan 2012, follow with CNY break, will resume on 9th Feb 2012.
Garden @ bishan:   grading break on 20th Jan 2012, will resume on 27th Jan 2012 (Theory Lesson).

Jelutung CC:            grading break on 21st Jan 2012, follow with CNY break, will resume on 11th Feb 2012.
Rivervale CC:          grading break on 22nd Jan 2012, follow with CNY break, will resume on 12th Feb 2012.

After the Grading Break week, it will follow with our usual Chinese New Year Break for two weeks starting from 23rd Jan till 5th Feb 2012. Therefore Classes will resume from 8th Feb 2012 onward.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extra Trainings during CNY break for NTU Open Tournament Players

Mdm has decided to continue training after the grading break for NTU Open tournament players. All players are expected to commit to the trainings. The extra lessons will be on 25th Jan and 1st Feb from 8pm to 9.30pm at Wed class training ground. Non NTU Open tournament players, whose names are identified by Mdm are also required to attend. Trainees who wish to attend the extra lessons and are not nominated by Mdm earlier, pls check with Mdm for approval.

Mdm requires full attendance from all players. Players who are not able to commit to the extra trainings, pls inform Mdm and seek permission for excuse. Below are the compulsory players:-

  1. Ronnie Teo
  2. Victor Teo
  3. Ivan Chng
  4. Joseph Kau
  5. Chee Kit Ying
  6. Ang Leng Kee
  7. Claire Cheng
Nominated players are as follows:-
  1. Fok Goon Teng
  2. Mohd Hafeez
  3. Lim You Jie
  4. Benny Teo
  5. Edwin Quek
  6. Edward Chan
  7. Chua Wei Liang
  8. Benroy 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upcoming Tournaments: National School Games Taekwondo Event in April 2012

The National School Games Taekwondo Event will be held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall as follows:

·        Primary Schools    -         16 & 17 April 2012
·        Secondary Schools   -    18 & 19 April 2012
·        Junior Colleges     -         23 April 2012

Will update more information when coming near tournament date.

A new list of Grading's Interview question added...

Extracted from STF website article:

"Here some of the possible questions which will give you some idea of what is coming up for your students:

· Would you use vulgarities in you Facebook, Twitter or public conversation?  Why?
· If you want some information from you coach, how would you approach him and what would you say?
· How can you give of your best during training?
· Your friends ask you to join them in smoking.  What do you think of it?
· What have you done to show your teacher that you are a good person?"

Reminder: Grading on this Sunday (15th Jan 2012)

To All trainees who are going for this Jan' 2012 Grading, this Sunday (15th Jan) is the Grading day at Toa Payoh Sports hall.

Please give your Grading reply slip to Sir/Mdm asap by this week training class before Grading day, if not we'll consider  you are going by your own transportation.

Only Senior Brown and Black Belt going for Dan grading is on this Saturday (14th Jan).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tonight (4th Jan) Wednesday Class Training ground changed

To Wednesday Class Trainees, Tonight training ground will be at the carpark rooftop garden ground. It is between blk 589C and 588C at level-3..  This is due to the usual training ground is having a funeral event.