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Raiders Taekwondo Group

2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Monday, March 30, 2009

Countdown to Grading Day

Raiders, coming weekend is your Grading day (for those going for this Grading)... Remember to practics your Pattern and Basic Kick daily with perfect executions. Lots of Practics made Perfect! And Practics increase your Confident Level too!

You can practics everywhere no only physically execution. As told you before - Visually practics your Pattern in your Head while in MRT, Buses, resting time or before sleeping... Mentally visualise the steps, this will help you remember easily - Mental concentration skill.
- But visualise the CORRECT step.. haha.. :)

Wishing All the Best to your Grading!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Grading Reminder - Sparring

STF News - FYI
"Coaches are requested to note that full-contact sparring between candidates is not a requirement for grading.

If it is required the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF) will make it compulsory for candidates to wear full protective equipment. There is no reason why only groin guard is compulsory for male and optional for female when the STF is committed to ensure the safety of all participants in the grading.

Candidates and sparring assistants are strictly prohibited from engaging in full-contact sparring. Only light or slight contact is allowed.

For the candidates to earn the thumbs-up from the examiners, they have to display adequate sparring techniques and tactics. The expectations from the examiners will be progressively more the higher the grades.

For example, a green belt may pass his sparring test by displaying only one technique during the grading. But it will not see a red belt through in his grading. He is expected to show at least three different techniques and employ two tactical moves. The examiners want to see different types of kicks. Candidates may use straight punches as one of the techniques.

The STF encourages coaches to arrange sparring partners for their candidates. The primary purpose of allowing this arrangement is to give the candidates an ideal condition to showcase their skills.

Candidates should be reminded that the examiners will not hesitate to fail them if they are not serious about the sparring. The examiners will not caution them. They will just fail the candidates if they play the fool"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grading Information

Grading Date : 5th April 2009 (for Colour Belt)
Grading Venue : Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall
(Nearest MRT - Yio Chu Kang MRT station)
Meeting Time : Mdm will give out the info during Class
Estimated Return Time: 12.30pm to 1.00pm (From Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall)
Attire to Wear : Club Tee Shirt & Gi Pant
Attire to Bring : Gi Top, Belt, Guards (for Green Belt and above only) & Water Bottle

Due to the limited number of seats for the bus transport, we seek the kind understanding of all parents that only 1 adult is allowed to accompany the students who are age 7years and below.

You may want to give him / her some pocket money to purchase snacks & drinks from the Sports Hall. Please do not allow them to bring valuables as any lost items are solely at their own risk.

Students, who are not taking the transport and wish to go to the Sports Hall on their own, please assemble at the Main Entrance of the Sports Hall by 9.00am sharp.

Doing your Best for Grading

All Raiders, Grading is just 3 weeks away. Do practics your poomsae regular and daily. Practics made perfect!!!

To do well for your poomsae and pass your Grading, your execution for every steps must have Power, sharpness, accuracy & timing. Watch the Video in Poomsae(Pattern) page... :)

Senior Brown-1 going for Senior Grading

Those going for your Black Belt grading which is on 4th April 09 (Sat), pls report at Yio Chu Kang Sport Hall before 1:30pm official roll-call. Would recommend you all to have your early lunch & report around 12:30pm to settle down and get familiar with the new place. This will help to relieve your stress in some level.

ALL the BEST to all of you going for Grading...