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2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Raiders' Team Building Day event - Photos taken for today.

Today, we had a fun day at Forest Adventure with 40 over participants of Trainees and Parents going through the challenging obstacles course - like Flying Fox, Tarzan's swing, Amazon bridge, rope ladder, etc...

See the photos and you'll know what i mean...  :)


For those who would like to have the original photos, pls email to Polo Sir at this email:  Please identify yourself with your name or/and parent of which trainee for verification purpose. Then Polo Sir will reply you with the share network folder link for you of all these photos... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

National Inter-School 2012 - Updates (new - 19th april)


A quick updates on our Young Warriors' performance for last few days of the inter-school championship.

Day-1: Primary Sch - Poomsae [2 Bronze medals]

Jerald Kiew: Bronze, 3rd position [Senior Div Male Green Belt]
Claudia Yap: Bronze, 3rd position [Senior Div Female White Belt]

Day-2: Primary Sch - Kyorugi [7 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze medals]

Gold Medalists:
Byran Tan        [Snr Male Poom under 34Kg]
Eileen Laow    [Snr Female Poom under 54Kg]
Marilyn Goh    [Jnr Female Poom under 32Kg]
Shawn Tan      [Jnr Male Poom under 28 Kg]
Afef Uddyn     [Jnr Male Red under 32Kg]
Brendan Yee   [Jnr Male Red under 52Kg]
Michael Ashwin Thiruman  [Jnr Male Red under 44Kg]

Silver Medalist:
Ravipudi Abhijeet Chowdary   [Jnr Poom under 44Kg]

Bronze Medalists:
Joshiah Tan    [Jnr Male Poom under 28Kg]
-> Joshiah also awarded with BEST FIGHTING SPIRIT trophy
Valen Jayakumar    [Jnr Male Poom under 24Kg]

Day-3: Secondary Sch - Kyorugi [1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze medals]

Gold Medalists:
Fok Goon Teng        [Snr Male Poom under 54Kg]

Silver Medalist:
Jaden Lim You Jie   [Snr Male Poom under 42Kg]

Bronze Medalists:
Andy Tan    [Snr Male Poom under 34Kg]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photos to share: FriendlyMatch @ RadinMasCC

Here is the Photos taken during the recent Friendly with RadinMas CC.


Photos are provided by Polo Sir and Alan (YouJie's Dad)

April 2012 Grading Result will only be release in May 2012

To All Parents and Trainees,

With refer to STF's official wedsite, the April Grading result will be only from 7th May 2012. Will post up to website once we had the result.


Unarmed Combat Course (Level 1) - Conducted by STF

To All Poom and Senior black Belt, there is an upcoming Unarmed Combat Course (Level 1). It will be conducted on 28 & 29 April 2012, 5 & 6 May 2012.  This  kind of course is normally conducted once a year. Therefore if you are planning to go for your 1st Poom/Dan to 2nd Poom/Dan grading which include Unarmed Combat, you are encourage to attend.

Course announcement is extracted from STF's official Website.

For more information on this course, pls click HERE.

For Course Registration Form, pls click HERE.

All interested Poom and Black belt holders, you are to submit your registration form to Baoling Mdm by this Saturday (21st April 2012) for Raiders' internal administration progress.

Require items for Submission:
[1] Completed and Signed Course Registration Form, and scan the copy in PDF format.
--> Ensure the signed by your parent if your are a poom belt.

[2] Scan copy of your 1st Poom/Dan certificate in PDF format.
--> and include your 2nd Poom/Dan certificate if you are a 2nd Poom/Dan.

[3] Settle the Registration Fee Payment of $70 before or On 21st April 2012. Contact Baoling's Mdm for mode of payment.

For Item [1] & [2],  send to this email addresses:  and
Do give Mdm a SMS or call to verify the email is sent and required items are attached.

Submission after 21st April 12 will be entertained and you'll registrate on the spot on the course date at $110.  

Take Note: Level-1 is a pre-requisite for Level-2 Unarmed combat. If you don't have Level-1, you are not allow to attend Level-2.    

Friday, April 13, 2012

Grading Break Week for April 2012

Herewith provide the information on Grading Break week after the Grading day on(15th April) for all classes. Kindly refer to the information shown below:

Details on Grading Break dates:
SBW zone "K" RC: grading break on 18th April 2012, will resume on 25th April 2012

Garden @ bishan: grading break on 20th April 2012, will resume on 27th April 2012

Jelutung CC: grading break on 21st April 2012, will resume on 28th April 2012

Rivervale CC: grading break on 22nd April 2012, will resume on 29th April 2012

Katong CC:  Katong Class Parents and students take note on below notice.

Notice for Katong CC class Only

There will be (1) grading break on 19th April 2012; (2) temporary closure of the multi purpose hall due to renovation work from (26th April 2012 to 31st May 2012), thus no lessons on the mentioned days and we will resume back on 7th June 2012.

Grading on 15th April 2012 Sunday (Poom and Colour Belts)

Please find details of the grading as follows:-

Grading Date     : 15th April 2012 (Sun)
                              297A Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
                              Singapore 319389
                              Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh MRT (NS19)
                              Click here for Map

Attire to Wear   : Club Tee Shirt and Dobok Pant
Attire to Bring   : Dobok Top, Belt, Guards (for Green Belt and above only) and Water Bottle

Meeting time and pick-up point for those taking Transport:
The Garden:           7:40am, outside Guard House, Main Gate
Jelutung CC:           7:15am at The Jelutung CC
Rivervale CC:         7:15am at Rivervale CC, Blk 193
Sembawang RC:     7:15am at SBW Zone ‘K’ RC Centre
Katong CC:             No transport provided for this grading.
Students, who are not taking the transport and wish to go to the Sports Hall on their own, please assemble at the Main Entrance of the Sports Hall by 8am sharp.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

National Inter-School TKD Championship 2012 - Reporting Time for Poomsae & Kyorugi Players

For all Trainees who are participating the upcoming Inter-school championship 2012, you may refer to the information from our Raiders' tripod website - Extra info.

Poh Ling Mdm had tabulated a spreadsheet information that include the Poomsae/Kyorugi Bout list and Reporting time info.

Check HERE for direct link to "Extra info" page.
Under "Tournament Info" select "Inter-School TKD Championship 2012 - Bout list and Reporting Time info". The link will download or open a excel spreadsheet with the detail as mentioned.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Celebration to Gibson

Last Wednesday @ Sbw Class, we had celebrated Gibson's Birthday.