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2nd Dae do Taekwondo Championship 2014

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notice!!! Jelutung CC Class resume on 13th Mar

Dear Trainees from Jelutung CC. Please take note that we are not able to resume our lesson on 6 Mar’10 due to an event for the Senior Citizens. They will be using the multi-purpose hall for the event, hence we will have to resume our lesson on 13 Mar’10 instead. On behalf of the club, Mdm would like to open up Wed class for all trainees from Jelutung CC who wish to start trainings soon.

As the Apr’10 grading and Mar’10 tournament is round the corner, Mdm would like trainees who are involve in the grading and tournament to attend the extra lessons on wed from 8pm to 9.30pm. The extra lessons on wed are free of charge and will be conducting at Blk 588B Montreal Drive, Basketball Court. Trainees who are involved in the grading and tournament will received sms from Mdm. Trainees who are not involve, you are also welcome to join us for the Wed extra lessons that resume on next week 3rd Mar.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chin Kee Shin Invitation Taekwondo Tournament

For those fighters that had been selected for this year CKS Tournament, you may check it out for more details information and download the registration form by clicking this URL link:

For those who is under 21 year old, pls let your parents know and get their consent/approval with their NRIC no. and signature signed on the Registration form.

If you had completed the form, you may pass it to Mdm this Wednesday(10th Feb) or Thursday(11th Feb) class.

Mdm will make arrangement for those who will not be available on this week Wed & Thurs.

Friday, February 5, 2010

No Lesson during Chinese Lunar New Year 2010

Please be informed there will be NO TaeKwondo lesson from 13/02/10 till 28/02/10 being the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year ’2010.

Lessons will resume on 03/03/2010 onward.

On behalf of Raiders TaeKwonDo Group, Mdm & Sir would like to take this opportunity to wish all Parents and Students a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year. :)

Thank you for your continuous support.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grading Information - (By STF)

Extracted from STF official site:

"Here are some pieces of information which Clubs will do well to note.


For the interview segment, the grading assistant or ‘commander’ shall instruct the candidates to queue up in a straight line about 1.5 meters away from the examiner’s table. They shall stand in order of their numbers – that is, the number one candidate first followed by the rest.

When the examiner is ready, he shall signal the first candidate to approach him. The candidate called will bow, walk towards the examiner and stand at ease about 0.2 meters away from the table.

The candidate shall answer the questions clearly and concisely. On completion of the interview, he shall take a step back, bow and move off.

Candidates should conduct themselves well at all times as their demeanor will be taken into consideration when the examiner assesses them.

Grading Assistants

Black belt assistants who are involved in sparring during the grading are required to wear groin guards. They should not spar if they do not wear the equipment for safety reasons.

Armed Combat Requirement

For 2nd to 3rd dan and 3rd to 4th dan grading, candidates may use short stick or rubber knife. The examiners will assess candidates on their ability to execute their techniques accurately, smoothly and realistically.

Reporting Time

Coaches who ask their students to report early should be present to guide them. In the absence of coaches, most students and their parents will be anxious as they do not know what to do. While anxious parents will be upset and angry, anxious candidates cannot perform to be best of their ability."

Jan '2010 Grading Result is Out!!! Check it out!!!

Raiders, Here is your long waited Grading result... Click the link below and scan for your name...

Result for Grading on 17th Jan '10 (Sunday)

Result for Grading on 17th Jan '10 (Saturday): Snr Brown to Black

Continue to train hard... RAIDERS!!! SA!!!